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Directing your aspirations

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YOUR resource for increasing the value of your business and ensuring its growth.

StraThinkCo helps companies in the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), food and life sciences industries in developing their vision, strategic roadmap, business or brand plan.

Strategy + Thinking + Collaboration = StraThinkCo

StraThinkCo will support you and your management team as you grow and achieve your goals, mobilizing your teams to meet your aspirations and those of your investors.

With a network of established partners in various fields, StraThinkCo will help you solidify the foundations that will take your business to the next level with a clear vision of the future.

StraThinkCo can also help you manage and develop your product portfolio, launch your innovations and market them through the main distribution channels (retail, wholesale, distributors and e-commerce) at national and international levels.

"Dream big, start small, act now."

Robin Sharma

The main stages of our approach

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Strategic positioning

Discover and better understand your environment to identify the key weaknesses and opportunities you need to plan for

  • Your market

  • Your customers

  • Your products and services

  • Your financial and operational performance

  • Your market position (SWOT)

Prioritization of objectives

Define your long-term vision for your organization and identify pillars of growth with SMART goals.

Strategic plan

Outline and develop a strategic plan with a dynamic annual roadmap that includes the strategies and tactics needed to achieve goals.

  • Marketing targets

  • Marketing channels 

  • Sales or promotional actions 

  • Results targets (KPIs)

  • Budgets 

  • Forecast



Build a high-performing team and align them with your organization's vision and mission and the achievement of its goals.



Implement a governance plan that monitors the evolution of objectives and the achievement of key performance indicators.

Did you know that


"Only 23% of companies would use a formal strategic planning process to make key strategic decisions."

"A study shows that 86% of management teams spend less than an hour a month discussing their strategy, and 95% of employees don't understand it."
"Developing a long-term strategy can triple the likelihood that a company will be more profitable than average."

Stop dreaming and act now.

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